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Tea & Fruits Brand...!!!!
Please do not presume that it is a flavored tea!!!!!

In fact “Tea & Fruits” Brand is the tea with a mixture of real fruit. For one cup of tea, you have two sachets, one for tea and the other for dried fruit chunks. You will enjoy the new taste experience not only tea but real fruit dessert.
The design was presented through a pop art movement which shocked the art establishment in the mid-50s with the desire to shake today’s tea market. The picture identity on the package is illustrated and divided into the tea side and fruit side and showing together with the dropping of fruits into the teacup. On the backside of the package also depicts the story of tea and its culture in many countries. The distinctive package design of Tea & Fruits will give outstanding and contrast impression when displayed on the shelf.
Project : Tea & Fruit Packaging Design
Brand & Packaging Design Identity : Prompt Design
Client : Tea & Fruits Co.,Ltd.

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