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บรรจุภัณฑ์ผลไม้สวยๆจาก JL Fruit Signatur


branding, packaging design, identity, art direction

In Chantaburi there was a farmer who loves growing fruit so much as a part of his family life. Every month a big company will come to buy all the fruits in his farm. Because he takes good care of every step in growing fruits, his farm products are recognized as premium grade quality. Unfortunately he later disappointed to learn that his farm products were package mixed and sold with lower grade fruit.

This is why JL fruit got started in 2014 to enable consumers to enjoy the authentic taste of the premium grade quality fruit from his farm. The package is made by clear thermoform box where the real fruit can be seen from outside together with a label showing the close-up beauty of fruit skin zoomed to clarify its healthy stalk cross-section image. This healthy stalk is a tips to assure JL fruit premium quality because it is the essential part through which the solutes is translocated. When looking from a distance this design is wholly distinctive on the shelf thereby making a successful market launch.

Prompt Design is an international strategic brand

and packaging design agency with offices in Bangkok Thailand.

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