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branding, packaging design, identity, art direction

"T-shirt design and packing that takes design cues from food and packing found in supermarkets." Check out this fun and creative concept by Prompt Design after the jump!

The unique packaging created instant brand recognition amongst consumers which generated large volumes of word-of-mouth advertising."


It's a shirt! It's a plane! It's a Shirt plane! A creative play with the angles and illustration of the T-shirt for AirAsia. This package comes with a few surprises.


"From fresh idea of "Here! Sod" brand, introducing T-Shirt that makes fame from different angles by adding product value from its packaging. The design has brought forward a new wave of excitement to  both fashion and packaging design industry. This fresh idea of Here! Sod T-Shirt had won Gold Award from Pentaward. It also capture Air Asia interest from this brand new design from "Here! Sod".

Thus," Here! Sod" has great opportunity to fly with Air Asia by Air Asia aircraft-like T-Shirt which its surprisingly red wings packaging that actually is a cloth hanger makes outstanding identity to Air Asia"

Prompt Design is an international strategic brand

and packaging design agency with offices in Bangkok Thailand.

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