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branding, packaging design

"It is always hard to choose a door handle to match the wall." This is the driving idea behind Prompt Design's packaging for H4U’s line of door handles. For someone with plenty of experience in home improvement, the designs are simply sleek and logical ones. For those who are less handy around the house, the designs are descriptive and helpful in determining exactly what to buy.


“We used a blister pack and put the H4U door handle on the left of the package. The graphics were designed to resemble a real wall texture such as metal, wood or plastic. With different real wall textures on the package, it attracts the targets and increases impact on shelf.”


The design seems to encourage consumers to actually test out the product — to grab it and hold it as if they were opening a real door. Instead of picking up the packaging to learn more about the item, the purchaser is inclined to hold and pick up the item to learn more about it and the design promotes this. It is, in fact, a simple design that nudges the buyers to try out the product and envision it in their homes.


Prompt Design is an international strategic brand

and packaging design agency with offices in Bangkok Thailand.

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