Nong Nooch Garden Packaging Design 


Suan Nong Nooch Tropical Garden is 500-acre of well-manicured landscapes designed to look like a Thai village filled with botanical gardens and orchid nurseries. The Garden features traditional and cultural performances and also other attractions like Dinosaur Valley, animal kingdom for children. Undoubtedly it is one of the most popular and attractive places for both Thai and foreign tourists It has also been recognised as one of the top ten most beautiful gardens in the world

One best sellers in the Garden cuisine is a wide range of ready-to-cook Thai meal e.g Thai Tom Yam Goong, Thai green chicken curry, Thai Panang chicken curry, etc.

Insight: Most visitors who have come to the Garden will not only be impressed with its magnificence and imaginations but also experience with Thai cultural performance and ancient Thai architecture including multitude of plants and flowers and many life-like sculptures displayed in each animal kingdom.

Idea: We would like to relate the impression of the ready-to-cook Thai food to each figure model in the Garden points of interest. The Dinosaur Valley sculptures and many scenic points are blended with Thai culinary art to illustrate the genuine Garden identity.

Client : Big Idea Corporate Thailand Co.,Ltd.

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